Families from the "Short Break Service"

From despair to a miracle. Melnikovs story

Need for “Short Break Service”: 360 hours

«Before I knew about the social “Short Break Service” I felt lost. I thought that me and my son are alone on the earth. What a miracle happened…

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Dasha's first steps. Silaevs story

Need for “Short Break Service”: 720 hours

In 2010 Galina turned to the “Short Break Service” for help.
Since then the life of her family changed a lot. 
"Dasha's success was made possible largely thanks to...

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Breath of fresh air. Grigorievs story

Need for “Short Break Service”: 560 hours

Olga turned to the "Short Break Service" for help in August 2009, being in chronic stress and lack of sleep, with the hope to get out of the vicious circle and get any support...

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Lena's Story

Lena is a friendly, active and curious girl.

Like all children in the age of 7, she is fond of playing with other children.
Lena is interested in board games, she also rides a special bicycle that is adapted for special children.

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Katya's story

Need for “Short Break Service”: 360 hours

Katya is 3. She is a kindhearted and quiet girl who laughs a lot, likes spending time with her mom, playing with other children and adults. Katya is fond of watching cartoons, flipping books and cannot live a day without her favorite songs.

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Rodion's story

Need for “Short Break Service”: 360 hours

Rodion is 4. He is a calm and cheerful boy. Rodion likes walking, watching cartoons, drawing bright colors, and he is very fond of dogs. Rodion always looks forward to the arrival of his professional family to participate in...

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What parents say about the "Short Break Service"

If there was no the “Short Break Service” I would be 10 times more overloaded.  I wouldn’t be able to manage alone, and Jaroslav couldn’t achieve such good results.

Yulia Kurnikova,
Yarik and Volodya's mother

Our family will not survive without  the “Short Break Service”. We can become stronger in our circumstances, but not for long.  “Short Break Service” is a huge support for us!

Irina Mikhalchenko,
mother of 4 children

“Short Break Service” has become a breath of fresh air for us that brought out of the crisis; I was able to become more useful to my child. This is an organization that I can trust Dima, without fear that his condition becomes worse.

Olga Grigorieva,
Dima’s mother

The idea of  the “Short Break Service”  is great. As a Mom, who has gone through a lot of challenges, I know how important it is for parents to have an opportunity to step back from the endless issues of care and health treatment.

Olga Mallaeva,
Yura’s mother

“Short Break Service” discovered new opportunities for me! I realized that life goes on and that other people would like to help my son.
I do live now!

Svetlana Guseva,
Lev’s mother

Анна Антонова с сыном 250 176

If I had asked, what is caring for a disabled child, I would say that it is a lifelong single cell. The support of “Short Break Service” brought me out of the deepest depression and difficult life situation.

Anna Antonova,
Kirill and Maxim’s mother

Stories told by mothers

"Together - stronger". Natalia Vasilieva's story

Need for “Short Break Service”: 360 hours

All those long 8 years I justified myself in front of children, mother, people for the birth of my second child. Finally, a foster care family came to us. For the first time I left the children with someone else...

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"Viktoria – Victory!" Natalia Archipova's story

Need for “Short Break Service”: 500 hours

Victoria is a smiling and shy girl. Till the 7 months Vikulya had grew up as an ordinary child, we walked a lot, she had a good appetite, Vikulya made us happy with her good mood and health... 

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"Life is beautiful!". Inna Tikhonova's story

Need for “Short Break Service”: 360 hours

This is the Victory with a big letter! Recently my boy could end a sentence: “mom, I love you” with a word “bu-bu”. This two syllables give me a sea of energy, from where I can take force for my other life...

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